The Definitive Guide to Breast Taping with SKINES Body Tape

Breast taping.

Glamour world’s most guarded secret. Those exquisite plunging necklines and the perfect cleavages you see on magazine covers and Instagram posts? It’s all breast taping. Everyone knows this (or maybe not), but not everybody knows how to do it.

Until now.

We are going to tell you what breast taping is and walk you through how to do it. Stick around to the end, and we will get you looking like a diva and turning heads all around you.

What is breast taping?

Simply put, using any kind of tape to lift your breasts, support them, or keep them in place is breast taping. Breast taping makes your breasts seem firmer and fuller. When wearing strapless tops and backless dresses, managing your breasts ‘just right’ can be quite the pain. Sure, you can opt for a strapless bra, but it can be quite unpleasant and may not hold your outfit in place.

With proper breast taping, however, you can bid all those pesky worries goodbye. No more uncomfortable bras, no more visible bra straps, no more accidental nip-slips!

What type of breast tape to use?

Anything with an adhesive on one side can potentially be a breast tape. But here is the rub: Your breasts need something that is gentle and safe and can get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Sadly, most breast tapes out there fail to check at least one box.

The classical breast tape will get the job done, but the adhesive reportedly causes irritation and discomfort. A gaffer tape is a definite upgrade with a stronger adhesive, but it can be a tad bit too strong for some women, causing – you guessed it! – irritation. Pretty much all breast tapes out there suffer from this downside—all, except kinesiology tapes.

Using SKINES Body Tape for breast taping.

SKINES Body Tape is a unique form for kinesiology tape that offers maximum comfort at heightened effectiveness. It is made from stretchable, 100% therapeutic cotton and boasts of an adhesive with a unique, proprietary formulation that makes it just as easy to put on as it is to remove. SKINES Body Tape can lift your breasts, provide them with support, make them appear fuller and rounder, and contour them to flatter the outfit you are wearing. And, no bras involved!

We recommend doing a patch test first. Cut a small piece of the body tape and paste it on the area next to the outer side of a breast. Leave it on for about a couple of hours. Any initial skin irritation should go down after the first fifteen minutes. Some initial redness is also normal.

Now here is how you can tape your breasts with SKINES Body Tape for a simple breast lift in 3 easy steps:

Step One. SKINES Body Tape is best applied on clean skin. We recommend having a warm shower before applying the tape and wash your breasts and the surrounding area. Don’t neglect the under-boobs. A lot of times, this is where a breast tape is often used.

Step Two. Prepare your breasts for taping, and ready four strips of SKINES body tape. Wipe the breasts clean of moisture or sweat for better adhesion. Place a nipple cover or a cloth gauze or cotton pad over your nipples, then quickly apply a small strip of the body tape over them and across each breast. NEVER APPLY A BREAST TAPE on the nipples directly. Nipples and areolas are more sensitive than other parts of the breast. Removing a tape directly pasted over them will be painful.

Step Three. Squeeze your breasts together until they have your desired cleavage. Apply another strip around the middle area of the breasts. Ensure that this strip connects the strips of body tape covering the nipples. This will give your breasts the ideal shape and cleavage. Next, apply the fourth strip on the underboobs to gain the perfect lift and to make sure that your breasts stay in place.

This method of basic lifting needs to be tweaked somewhat when preparing your breasts for specific outfits.

Breast taping for strapless outfits.

The length of the strips would largely depend on the deep the neckline goes. For most strapless outfits, we have found strips that are 10 to 12 inches long work well.

After you have covered your nipples, take the longer strip, and tape your breasts starting from the side of one breast, ending it on the side of the other breast. How high or low on your breasts you should apply the tape depends on your outfit. You can also use pieces of small cellophane tape beforehand to mark the neckline and the desired cleavage area. Remove the cellophane tapes as and when you apply the body tape to the area.

Breast taping for outfits with plunging necklines.

Measure the necklines and the shoulder of your outfit and cut out strips of SKINES Body Tape accordingly. The length of the tape must be long enough to cover the area between your chest and the top of your shoulder.

Start with one breast from around the sideboob region. Lift your breast and start applying the strip from the underboob region, pressing the tape down all the way up to the shoulder. If you want, you can also run the tape up the back of the shoulder for a stronger hold. Repeat the process and work your way inwards until you reach the desired neckline area.

After you are satisfied with the taping on one breast, follow the same process on the other breast.

Removing the breast tape.

Removing SKINES Body Tape is a breeze.

Warm up the tape by either taking a hot shower or by running a warm washcloth over it. This warms up the adhesive and eventually loosens it. Then gently peel off the body tape from one end to the other. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil to help it come off even more quickly.

Improvise and get creative.

The beauty of using SKINES Body Tape Uncut Roll is that you can design own your taping method. Once you get the basics of taping down pat, getting creative with breast taping to suit different outfit styles will be a walk in the park. You will be a glamorous diva in the truest sense of the word!

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