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From Fashion to Skincare 

Gina Kim reached the pinnacle of fashion success – winning awards, dressing celebrities, and showcasing her designs across the world's runways. After decades as an iconic couture designer, she turned her passion to unlocking the secret to perfect skin.

Fascinated by fashion and beauty and surrounded by the rise of the K-beauty empire, Gina developed an appreciation for quality skincare from a young age. After dedicating over 25 years to creating award-winning fashion designs, she embarked on a new mission: creating the ultimate skincare brand.

A Fusion of Science and Self-Care

SKINES products harness the power of proven scientific formulas while celebrating the importance of self-care rituals. Each ingredient and technology has been handpicked by Gina Kim herself, ensuring the line delivers transformative results and empowers individuals to achieve their healthiest, most confident glow.

Committed to Quality and Accessibility

SKINES is dedicated to offering premium skincare that is accessible to everyone. The brand's ethos centres around meaningful skincare, providing honest, effective products that are carefully designed and tested to become essential parts of beauty routines.

A Vision for the Future

This is just the beginning for Gina. Driven by her passion, he envisions expanding the SKINES line with new categories, all while staying true to the brand's core values of quality, efficacy, and safety. With her dedication to empowering individuals through self-care, SKINES is poised to become a leading force in the skincare industry.

SKINES celebrates the beauty in us all.