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Article: A Handy Primer on Breast Tapes and Their Types

Woman wearing Breast Tape - SKINES

A Handy Primer on Breast Tapes and Their Types

Breast tapes have been a long-guarded secret in the showbiz for achieving the perfect cleavage amid those deep, plunging necklines.

But the cat is out of the bag. Breast tapes are now easily accessible to everyday women. Breast tape can offer ample lift to the boobs while also contouring them no matter the chest size. In addition, a correctly applied breast tape will help you feel snug and secure under any outfit you have put on.

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Breast tapes come in a variety of types.

Breast Tape Types

The classical breast tape has the sole purpose of lifting breasts. Therefore, it’s a good option for beginners. A classical boob tape can achieve a lift in merely seconds and lasts all day.

Woman wearing Breast Lift Tape - SKINES

Duct Tapes for Breast Lift

Duct tapes are known for their versatility and strength. This multi-purpose type of breast taping is made of a cloth coated with a polyethylene resin on one side and a very strong, sticky adhesive on the other. When applied on skin – for breast styling – it can cause skin burns or irritation, and taking it off is painful. Duct tapes does make noises and crinkles under your outfit. Besides that, applying duct tapes as booby tapes can hinder your natural body movement; it’s more rigid and stiff than other types of breast tapes. 

Gaffer Tapes for Boob Lift

Next on the list of breast tape types is gaffer tape. A gaffer tape is one of the strongest breast tapes out there. A gaffer tape is used for more than just lifting breasts and can contour them to suit backless gowns or strapless dresses that you are wearing.

Gaffer tapes are definitely stretchier and more elastic, compared to duct tapes. Made of vinyl-coated cloth, gaffer tapes will certainly hoist your boobs higher on your chest. And when removed, they don’t leave any adhesive residue on the skin. Although more skin-friendly and hassle-free, gaffer tapes are not an ideal solution for breast taping. 

It became popular as “Kim Kardashian Boob Tape Bra Trick” in 2016 as the red-carpet cleavage pro started recommending gaffer tapes as a boob-boosting solution. Kim Kardashian posted tutorial videos on how to tape breasts with gaffer tapes. Before long, she had to delete the posts, having witnessed the drawbacks. Wearing gaffer tapes for boob taping for a prolonged period of time harms the skin and surrounding areas. 

Kinesio Tapes for Breast Lift


Kinesio tapes used by athletes to minimise injuries are also commonly used as Breast Tapes. Because these tapes are skin-friendly indirect applications, they make the ideal breast tapes with zero to negligible skin burns and irritation. These elastic tapes stretch and move perfectly as you move your body while remaining firmly adhered to the skin. In other words, they provide dynamic support without restricting movement. In addition, Kinesio tapes are breathable, waterproof, and sweatproof.

Kinesio tapes are also commonly referred to as “sports tapes.”

Woman wearing Breast Lift Tape - SKINES


Final Tips about Different Types of Breast Tapes

But selecting the suitable type of breast tape is just the beginning. Proper application of the breast tape to avoid skin irritation and prevent any general discomfort is just as important.

Breast tapes must stick to the skin snugly. Tape it too loose, and you will not achieve the desired look. Tape it too tight, and you risk feeling suffocated and nauseous from the restricted blood flow to the breasts.

The quality of the adhesive of the breast tape also matters. Your skin will be in contact with the adhesive more than it does with the actual tape. Therefore, a good quality breast tape should boast a good quality adhesive that offers a stronghold and facilitates easy removal. Going with a premium brand such as SKINES ensures that you get premium breast tape made from skin-friendly materials on the outside and a high-quality adhesive on the inside.

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