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Article: Step-by-step guide to remove your SKINES Breast Lift Tape

Step-by-step guide to remove your SKINES Breast Lift Tape

Step-by-step guide to remove your SKINES Breast Lift Tape

As you know, our tape works on any breast size and gives a perfect lift, hold, and cleavage. However, it may not be right for every skin type.

Please note the tape could have a strong hold and it's important to follow our removal process to ensure the tape is safely removed. It can be very tempting to rip the tape off like you would a band-aid. However, this can severely damage your skin. Most irritation occurs when the skin experiences traction force with an aggressive removal.

The tape will be removed without much irritation if you peel your tape off gently and carefully. Start by peeling the tape back slowly, whilst supporting the skin behind the tape. That means, while one hand is peeling the tape off, the other hand is firmly holding back the skin behind the tape. It is best to follow our tips of peeling your tape off slowly and/or using baby oil or coconut oil for a smoother removal.

  • Please DO NOT apply SKINES Tape to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin.
  • Please DO NOT wear the tape longer than 6 hours.
  • Please DO NOT wear the tape two days in a row.
  • Please DO NOT use it in prolonged heat or direct sunlight. The warmer the tape gets, the harder it is to remove.
  • Please DO NOT apply the tape with full elasticity as the tape can be quite rough when it is stretched out too much as it may rip the skin off.
  • Please DO NOT use it if you experience any itching, swelling, rash, or discomfort.
  • Please DO NOT use it if you have any skin reactions to band-aids or any other type of adhesives.
  • Please DO NOT use it if you have eczema, psoriasis or any other skin conditions.

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