Skines will be opening soon!

The date has finally been set. SKINES Online will officially be opening for business on Monday, 13 September 2021!

We are so excited for you to try our SKINES Body Tape. There are 3 different types for 5 diverse skin tone colours including White, Light, Nude, Tan, and Dark! And you can order more and get discounts.

SKINES Body Tape is designed to relieve muscle pain and to provide comfort and support to joint and muscle areas. Its elastic properties make it different from rigid tape/regular strapping tape and allow a full motion of your body parts, providing dynamic support that can be worn for an extended period of time.

Our tape is the newest in the market but we believe it's the best in quality made of high quality elastic therapeutic cotton with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer.

Check out the shop to see what's coming!

P.s. I'd love to know what you thought of them.

Enjoy :)

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