Retailing SKINES Tape at your Practice

Generating a secondary stream of revenue is essential for private practitioners in the healthcare industry. Chiropractors and orthopaedists with successful private practices will concur with this sentiment. Retailing in healthcare and wellness products at practice is perhaps the best way to do it. It can boost your revenues and can also potentially crank up your goodwill and reputation.

For busy practitioners, it is also the most convenient way of producing passive income. Retailing in products is easy to set up, with negligible investment in time and efforts and a rewarding pay-off. For instance, setting up display shelves in the reception area or erecting a brand display at the entrance may pique the interest of the patients, leading to inquiries, and eventually, to sales.

But the trick here is to retail products that your clients love as much as you do. As the prevalent axiom dictates, ‘A good product sells itself.’ But that’s not enough for a profitable retail side-business. A good product must itself over and over again.

SKINES is one such brand.

SKINES products aid in faster recoveries from musculoskeletal injuries as well as prevention of muscle and joint-related ailments. Because of their ease of use and their effectiveness, they ensure that your patients and your clients will keep coming back more. SKINES products have already proven to be popular with athletes and ordinary folks alike. Retailing in SKINES at your practice will allow you to earn healthy commissions on sales and maximise your overall revenue.

Your patients, on the other hand, have a lot to gain, too. Already a premium brand in the field of kinesiology and a name people have come to trust, SKINES provides them with convenience, assurance, and peace of mind. Retailing in a premium product like SKINES products can also ensure that your patients are just as loyal to you as they will be to the SKINES brand.

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