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Article: How to Use Boob Tape under Different Outfits

Woman having the breast tape in hand - SKINES

How to Use Boob Tape under Different Outfits

Fashion game changer. True fashion freedom. Liberating choice. Secret to bra-less-but-not-style-less breasts. 

You guessed it – we’re talking about boob tapes! Just contain your excitement for a few lines until we answer one hot question: “how to use breast tape under different outfits.”

SKINES Breast Lift Tape

Why Are Women Going Braless & Turning to Breast Tapes?

More and more women are ditching their bras and turning to breast tapes. But for good reason. One reason for this popular shift is comfort. Many women find bras to be restrictive and uncomfortable, especially when worn for extended periods. 

Breast tapes, on the other hand, provide a more natural and liberating look and feel while still offering optimum support, lift, and cleavage. They also allow for more flexibility in clothing choices, as they are often more discreet. Plus, they are perfect with backless or strapless dresses.

Another reason why women are turning to breast tapes is to achieve a more natural and flattering look. While bras can sometimes create an unnatural shape or add unnecessary bulk on the bust, breast tapes offer a more seamless and streamlined appearance. They also allow for more customisation, as you can adjust them to suit your individual body shapes and clothing preferences. 

Additionally, many women appreciate the added confidence and empowerment that comes with going braless or using breast tapes. Why? Because it allows them to embrace and celebrate their bodies in a more natural way. Overall, the trend towards breast tapes reflects a growing desire among women to prioritise comfort, individuality, and body positivity in their fashion choices.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Breast Tape under Different Outfits

Backless. Strapless. Low-cut. Plunging. Halter. Triangle.

These tops and dresses and – some with their revealing necklines – can be tricky to style with a bra. They’re more of a nightmare. The unwanted results? Bra straps sticking out, nips slipping accidentally, bra outline showing (possibly ruining your otherwise flawless style)! Even backless or strapless bras in the market don’t seem to get the job done properly; many of such bras don’t actually keep your boobs in place. 

Good news? Breast tapes are a surefire way to cut all the negativity of bras, particularly for some outfits. When it comes to deciding which type of boob tape to opt for, there are more than one choice, ranging from gaffer tapes to kinesio tapes. But, we certainly recommend the latter. These medical-grade taping solutions are hypoallergenic, breathable, zinc oxide free, and latex free, leaving zero to very negligible skin burns or irritation. 

Breast tape can be used under any outfit, but certain – mostly more revealing – styles call for one. Boob tape lifts, supports, and holds your breast seamlessly and comfortably while creating a fuller cleavage (of course, if that’s something you’re looking for).

Read on to learn how to use boob tape under strapless, backless, low-cut, triangle, plunging-neckline dresses and tops, and other similar styles.   

How to Prep Your Breasts for Taping

Clean and dry your skin. Before applying breast tapes, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Avoid using moisturisers, oils, or powders on your chest area, as this can interfere with the adhesive properties of the tape.

Note 1: No matter what style you tape for, press the tape firmly onto your skin. Make sure there are no wrinkles or creases in the tape, as this can affect its adhesive properties and the final look.

Note 2: If you decide to tape across your breasts, we recommend using nipple covers.

Note 3: Always do a patch test to make sure you don't have any skin reactions or sensitivities to the tape.

How to Use Boob Tape under Strapless Dresses & Tops

Woman wearing breast tape under a top - SKINES
  1. Cut a strip from your breast tape roll or use a precut strip, but make sure it’s a bit longer than your chest size, from armpit to armpit.
  2. While in front of a mirror, place one end of the first strip right at the side and base of one breast. Carefully press and secure until you get to the side of the other breast. 
  3. Lean forward and add two or three strips for better lift and support. And if you’re fond of some push-up and more ample cleavage, push and lift your breasts together.
  4. For securing the breasts even more and a dreamy cleavage, wrap one of two strips, starting from the base of each going across the top. 
  5. Make sure to check the tape won’t pass the neckline or stick out from behind or under your arms. 
  6. Wear with confidence. With the breast tapes securely in place, you can wear your strapless dress or top with confidence, knowing that you have the support you need without the need for a bra.

How to Use Boob Tape under Backless Dresses & Tops

Woman wearing breast tape with backless dresses - SKINES

Follow the steps described above or try the instructions below to tape your breasts for backless dresses and tops.

  1. Start by applying the tape to one breast at a time. Hold your breast up and apply the tape underneath, starting from the bottom and moving upward (ideally in an almost vertical direction). Make sure the tape is securely attached to your skin, but not too tight or uncomfortable.
  2. Once the tape is in place, adjust it to lift and support your breast as desired. You can use your fingers to gently mould the tape and shape your breast.
  3. Repeat on the other side. Apply the tape to your other breast following the same steps.
  4. Before wearing your dress or top, do a quick test to make sure the tape is holding up well and providing enough support. Jump up and down, move your arms around, and check in the mirror to make sure everything looks good.
  5. Add more strips for better lift and support if required. And for still more support, go through step 2 and 3 above under “How to Use Boob Tape under Strapless Dresses & Tops” (Optional). 
  6. Once you're satisfied that the tape is securely in place and providing the support you need, put on your backless dress or top and enjoy your look!

How to Use Boob Tape under Outfits with Plunging Necklines

Woman wearing breast tape with a plunging neckline - SKINES

The key in styling garments with plunging necklines is keeping the cleavage clear. This might sound like a challenge when using breast tape, but it’s easier to apply than you can imagine! The trick is to tape the breast individually – not wrapping them together.

  1. Start with either breast. Cut different strips that’ll cover from under your breast/arm to past your nipples and from the bottom of your breast to the back of your shoulders.
  2. First start with the shorter strip. While lifting and pushing your breast (for your desired positioning and cleavage), apply the tape horizontally underneath the breast.
  3. Attach one end of the longer strip on the outer side underneath the breast (where the end of the underwire of a bra would hit).
  4. Press firmly, and run the tape from under the breast and then upwards over your shoulder. 
  5. Apply additional strips while pushing and adjusting your breast (more vertically) to fully hold it and create your desired cleavage.
  6. Repeat the same process for the other boob.
  7. Enjoy your look. Put on your dress or top with plunging neckline and enjoy your new, secure and smooth look!

How to Use Boob Tape under Triangle & Halter Tops & Dresses

Woman wearing breast tape in different styles - SKINES

Taping your breasts for triangle and halter tops and dress and other similar is basically not very different from how you would tape under outfits with plunging necklines. The only difference is that you’ll need to avoid running the tape over your shoulders. Just remember to tape the breasts individually and apply from underneath each to just past the nipples.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Breast Tapes

  1. What are breast tapes and how do they work?

Breast tapes are adhesive strips designed to lift and support the breasts without the need for a bra. The tape is applied to different sides of the breasts and can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of lift and support.

  1. Who can use breast tapes?

Breast tapes can be used by anyone who wants to achieve a lifted and supported look without wearing a bra. They are particularly popular among women with larger breasts who may experience discomfort or pain from wearing a traditional bra for extended periods of time. Or, those who are seeking seamless look and feel under different outfits.

  1. How long can breast tapes be worn?

The length of time breast tapes can be worn depends on the individual and the type of tape being used. Some tapes are designed to be worn for up to 12 hours, while others may only be suitable for short-term wear. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and remove the tape immediately if you experience any discomfort.

  1. Are breast tapes safe to use?

Breast tapes are generally considered safe to use, but it's important to use them correctly to avoid any potential problems. It's also worth noting that some people may have a skin reaction to the adhesive used in the tape, so it's always a good idea to test the tape on a small area of skin before using it.

  1. How do I remove breast tape?

To remove breast tape, it's important to do so gently to avoid causing any damage to the skin. You can start by soaking the tape in warm water or using an oil-based product to help dissolve the adhesive. Then, slowly and carefully peel the tape off the skin, making sure to support the breast as you go.

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