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Article: Bundles and Bulk Packs

SKINES Tape Bundle and Bulk Packs

Bundles and Bulk Packs

SKINES Bundles are an ideal way to test out the exceptional quality of various SKINES products. Each sample pack contains SKINES Tapes of different colours: White, Light, Nude, Tan, and Dark.

SKINES Tapes are a unique form of kinesiology tape designed with loving care and made with utmost precision. They blend the highest comfort with maximum effectiveness. These sample bundles of SKINES Tapes make it easy to discover which colour you will like the best. Rather than buying each of the tapes individually and grappling in the dark, you can grab the sample bundle at discounted prices instead. Not only does it give you the freedom to try them out individually, but it’s also cost-effective in the long run.

If you are unsure where to start or just to try them all, then we highly recommend starting with one of the sample bundles here.

Bulk packs from SKINES let you take advantage of discounted prices when buying SKINES products in higher quantities. SKINES tapes are designed to improve overall health and enhance the quality of life, and several of our loyal customers engage in repeat purchases. At SKINES, we believe in having a healthy and delighted customer base. Offering SKINES Tapes in bulk at discounted prices allows us to extend a token of appreciation to our customers, who have been an integral part of our phenomenal growth story.

Our bulk collection features bundles of uncut body tapes as well as precut rolls and strips. Each bundle contains five different flesh tone colours: white, light, nude, tan, and dark. These are ideal for retail practitioners who often require SKINES Tapes in different colours, and buying these tapes in bulk ensures that you have all your boxes checked and all your bases covered.

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