How to Apply SKINES Body Tape in 4 Easy Steps

We are constantly fielding inquiries from SKINES Body Tape users regarding the best taping method. Therefore, here is a quick 4-step process of applying SKINES Body Tape for maximum effectiveness like experts in the field use it.

4 Easy Steps to Apply SKINES Body Tape
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Step One. Locate the target area and measure the length of the body tape required. If using an uncut roll, precisely cut the tape to the desired length. You may also consider rounding off the edges. This will help with a more secure taping as there is less risk of edges getting caught in something and eventually coming off. If using precut strips and the target area required to be covered is more extensive, you may have to use multiple strips. It is important to note that one continuous piece of body tape offers better support than multiple strips.

Step Two. Prepare the target area for application. SKINES Body Tape, or any Kinesio tape for that matter, sticks to the skin best if the surface is clean and dry and free from any residual grease or sweat. Several experts recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean the target area. However, washing the skin and patting it dry will work just fine. We also recommend removing hair from the target area as Kinesio tapes generally do not stick well on hairy skins. The removal of the tape can also be quite painful if it’s applied to hairy skin.

Step Three. Apply the tape. Stretch the target area before applying the body tape. This helps achieve a snug fit between the tape and the skin while also ensuring that the tape isn’t too tight or too loose when the target muscle is moving. When treating a muscle injury, you should apply the body tape without any tension. But when treating a long-term injury, it is recommended to have some tension in the body tape when applied. Also, make sure that there are no folds in the tape or the skin under the tape. This can cause discomfort, and in some cases, even blisters.

Step Four. Using fingers or palms, gently rub against the tape immediately after it’s applied. This warms up the adhesive and can help achieve a stronger hold. It’s also normal to experience some itching or slight irritation under the tape. Any such discomfort gradually subsides in 15-20 minutes. If the discomfort lasts longer than 30 minutes, you must immediately remove the tape, and a fresh one should be applied.

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